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Most Popular Articles

Article How do I access my Control Panel?
Your control panel is accessible via either: http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel/ http://www.yourdomain.com:2082 http://YOURIP/cpanel/...
Views: 8328
Article How can I create domain subscriptions on my Parallels Plesk Panel? (Plesk 10)
Step 1 : Open a web browser and connect to your Plesk Control Panel located at https://ip address:8443.  Accept the self-signed SSL security...
Views: 6111
Article What is domain parking?
Domain parking (at least in the context as it's used here) refers to the process of adding additional domain names to a hosting account with...
Views: 4093
Article Can email account users change their own passwords?
Yes. Users can change their own email password by logging into their webmail account (www.domain.com/webmail/). From the webmail main interface...
Views: 3696
Article I have a mailing list, how many emails can I send out?
Yes. There is a limit of a few hundred recipients per mailing on email sent via our shared servers. If you are sending email to a list of...
Views: 2787

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